Saturday, 5 October 2013

Manufacturing unit for printing and Bopp adhesive tapy

Laser cote (p) ltd. was established in the 1997, as a manufacturing unit for pritting and Bopp adhesive tapy. AS being in the trade hauing a vast experince. over-20years, We felt the need of yours. Who are in search. for a super Quality. packaging product.
 Keeping in view. the above We have set up a state manufacturing,unit near chhatral, Ta.kalol, Dist Gandhinagar. Where superi our Quality of self Adhesive tapes are being manufacturing. in awide, rang of colour and size to sait uarious application. The product is being market in the Brand name of super Swastik self Adhesive tapes.our dailig production capaciti. is 100 Box perdays.
Techaincal Specifications :
Film Thickness :
23 micron, 25 micron & 29 micron (+/-|)
Tape Thickness :
40 mivron, 43 microns.(+/-1)
Lenth in mtrs. :
35, 45, 50,65, 130, 6501000mitrs
Colour :
Super clear Transparent, Yellowt-tan Browan, Green, Red, Yellow , orange, noe whited, Black, Pink
Transfer Aelhesive :
water based acrylic.
Application :
(1)Packaging (2)Stationery, Industries, Proteetive etc.
Printing Facality :
Four colour Printing Facality.

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